THORP CENTRAL - Home of the Sunderland S-18 Experimental Aircraft

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Welcome to the ThorpCentral!

By way of an introduction, ThorpCentral was born of the assets from Classic Sport Aircraft which Mike and Frankie Archer ran for 17 years. Jim (Cubes), and MaryKay Grahn began the acquisition in the fall of 2013. Cubes is a former Air Force fighter pilot of 21 years and is now in his tenth year flying commercially. He is a CFII/MEI and FFI flight lead with over 1,000 Thorp hours.  MaryKay is an avid horse/ dog trainer. They have been the proud owner of T18 "Patriotic Tigress" since 1998. Cubes has been building a single seat S18 since 2007.

The goal of ThorpCentral is to support all facets of the Thorp hobby. We believe there is absolutely no better designed kit aircraft in existence today.

We know you will agree!